Brand Story

SU:M37˚ was inspired by a philosophy borne out of an unrivalled respect for life, particularly the notion of allowing nature to take its course and the belief that nature is and offers the best solutions for our skin.

SU:M37˚ is the first and only brand to start and persist in the study of natural fermentation, in its very own Natural Fermentation Research Institute (NFRI) located in Gangwon-do. It is an area without large-scale commercial facilities within 10km radius, boasting of clean water and air. Every season, more than 80 types of seasonal plants are gathered, fermented and aged in cedar barrels, under stringent conditions and optimum temperature (of 37 ˚C) and humidity for at least 365 days. The essence derived from this natural fermentation process is Cytosis®️, a hidden secret in every sum:37˚ product. It enhances the natural healing power of the skin without the need to add on any preservatives nor artificial colour and fragrance, and produces products that are hypoallergenic and safe for most skin types.

Discover the mysterious efficacy of natural fermentation today with su:m37˚.